St. Andrew's Charity
Scottish Ball
Scottish ball like you have never seen before!
4 December 2021 | Saturday
7.00 p.m. - 1.00 a.m.
Palais Niederösterreich
Herrengasse 13, 1010 Wien

Dear friends,
This year our team is going to explore the magical and unique Scottish culture.
Over the centuries Scotland remained faithful to its traditions, keeping it's dancing culture uninterrupted, that makes this part of the world a treasure in European history.
Taking it's roots from the days of the ancient Celtic kings and the rule of clan system, Scotland's culture is not frozen in time. It is a living and ever-changing phenomenon that forms a core of a Caledonian nation.
We are honoured to invite you to a ball, where we have collected the most Scottish cultural treasures we could find, among them are:
-highland bagpipes and drums,
-highland dancers from RSCDS,
-national music and songs, performed with various artist and young -promising
musicians, singers and ballet dancers,
- practicing scottish ceilidh
Do not forget a special Scottish nation genetic love to fun, extravaganza and dazzle!!!
4 DECEMBER 2021 | SATURDAY | 7.00 p.m.
Palais Niederösterreich
Herrengasse 13, 1010 Wien
St. Andrew's
Charity Scottish Ball
The program:
Is created suitable for every taste.
Guests are welcome at 7.00 p.m.
We compliment our guests with a glass of champagne at the reception,
What ball is complete without a grand opening? Ball starts with the participation of incredible Vienna pipes orchestra. Pipes tunes will pull you to the magical circle of Caledonian spirit.
And the grand opening reel will be presented with our honoured guests and dancing team. The Scottish dance program of the ball will be accompanied by live music.
Most of guests are learning the art of Scottish dancing right at the dance floor with a dancing master and showing group.
Gala dinner starts 7.30 p.m. - 8.00 p.m.
Gala dinner is planned with 3 course meal and drinks.
Meals are presented by excellent chefs of the _________________________________,
whiskey and drinks are selected especially for the occasion by
Gala concert, entirely composed of Scottish music and songs, neo- classicl British
peaces, will feature international young musicians,opera singers and ballet
dancers: _______________________________________ (list and names an a bit of story) For one not having dinner, there will be a whiskey tasting and beer bar in the lobby.
But everyone is welcome to attend the gala concert.
Not long to wait for Scottish ceilidh dance program, which starts at 20.30
We will have some interruptions for Auction and Lottery. So you can get some breathing before the next round.
You will have an opportunity to observe lottery items and purchase lottery tickets at the volunteers tables in the Lobby.
LOTTERY ticket cost 2 euro
please, expect some Surprises during the program!
11.00 p.m. Vienna pipes announce the end of the Scottish dances.
11.30 p.m. Discotheque with DJ_____________
All bars are open, tea and coffee and deserts served to boost a stamina for more
2.00 a.m. Doors are closed.
The main theme this evening is to enjoy Scottish music and dancing, to learn to dance right on the dance floor, experience a joy of communication and, if possible, help children and adults, suffering from autistic disorders.
More info in FAQ section
The main theme this evening is to enjoy Scottish music and dancing, to learn to dance right on the dance floor, experience a joy of communication and, if possible, help children and adults, suffering from autistic disorders.

Here are excerpts from the article "How Austria can restore it's status as a centre of Autism research" by prof. Gaia Novarino:
"Each year, more than 1,000 children in Austria start to show autism traits, making it crucial to diagnose and treat the condition and yet there are few enters specialised on diagnostics and treatment, families wait many months for getting tested and diagnosed, missing precious time for reabilitation, this delay is crucial.

The lack of autism specialists and treatment centers leads to a situation where many people wait for a year to get a place in a program at the Autism Centre of the MedUni Vienna. And places, covered with the state insurance plan are very limited".

Our goal, with the help of experts, doctors and specially trained teachers is to collect resources for the development of the above mentioned centers

There are lots of forms of Autism.
Thus, we support the idea by the group of experts, that there must be a variety of offers and possibilities in order to give an autistic person a choice and create the possible conditions for individualisation, which is impossible without international networking, creating groups where not only people with autism represented, but help create public awareness for autism.

Charitable beneficiaries are
Rainman group, Vienna

The association of specialists, psychologists and teachers in day structure for peo-
ple with autism or another disability.
Structured teaching and learning is the basis of our concept.
spokesmen/women are:
Gaya Novarino
+43 2243 9000 5901

Novarino Group
Genetic and molecular basis of neurological developmental disorders Gaia Novarino's research examines the genes underlying hereditary forms of neu-
rodevelopmental disorders such as epilepsy, intellectual disability and autism. Neu-
rodevelopmental disorders affect millions of people and are often unresponsive to
therapy. The Novarino Group uses methods from different disciplines, from molecu-
lar biology to behavioral observation, to find common pathophysiological mecha-
nisms that underlie this group of developmental disorders.
Tova Marr - a founder of , mother of an autistic child.
( we can name different places and recipients)
The essence of Scottish culture through dance
"The job of feet is walking, but their hobby is dancing"
(Amit Kalantri).
Time to try the essence of Scottish culture through dance.
It is not easy to dance classical ballroom dancing but even to find a ballroom partner to attend the ball. BUT the Scottish one is a very nature of a movement. You just need to go to the centre of the hall, and you can change partners every dance! And
you can also spin and laugh as much as you like!
We will have several interruption of ceilidh, for ruffle and auction. You can get aquainted with the Auction lots on our website, or order a special catalog with description.
How does this Ceilidh work?
A group of professional dancers show the dance. Further, the member of the group leads those who wish through the movements of the dance. A facilitator explains every part of it until it seem to understand. We try once without music before doing it completely. then the music starts and the host give us a signal to all start at the same time, and you just hope to remember the moves! Each dance lasts from 5 to 10 minutes. The dance moves are not that difficult, they just need to be repeatedly practised!
We recommend to follow Robbie Shepherd to step-by-step guide.
Dress code
The ideal option for ball is a national Scottish kilt suit, full set.
If you do not have kilt, in this case, there is nothing better that a regular suit: trousers (checkered trousers are possible), ball shirt, formal jacket. If there is entourage costume - why not? The main thing is that it is convenient for you.
Ladies: any dress or skirt bellow knee (or mid-knee) will do. The main condition of the dress is ease of movement. You should not wear too long dress, someone can step on edge and tear, very tight will not allow you to show all the grace of movement.
Where & When
4 December 2021 | Saturday | 7.00 p.m. - 1.00 a.m.
St. Andrews Scottish charity ball will take place in one of the most city his-
torical buildings - Palace of Niederosterreich! Its hall is high enough to hear the
full voice of highland pipe!|
Palais Niederösterreich
Herrengasse 13, 1010 Wien
Table Gala dinner ticket allow you enjoy a unique atmosphere of the Landtagsaal, the vicinity of the Bal room dance, Band and Performers, and Speakers. Surely the best view of all performances while sitting comfortably.
Full service of Gala dinner, presented by the excellent chefs of the________ and varieties of drinks.
Special privileges with Auction and Lottery. Dancing shoes will be provided for ladies.
You can purchase tickets individually, or book an entire table for your company.
Landtagsaal has _____ round tables 8 seats each, and _______ rectangular tables with 6 seats. We can extend table for a big company upon request. We have a special offer for charity sponsors. we will be glad to send all info upon request.
Buffet Gala ticket allows to enjoy standing appetizers/dessert buffet, whiskey bar from ________________ and Beer stand from ____________ , quietnessand intimacy of adjoining Herrensaal. Free access to photo zone and terrace. Herrensaal has _________ tables for 4, and _______ stand tables.
Dancehall ticket - to one who interested in dancing the most!
Entry starts at 21.00
Table Gala dinner tickets - 280 Euro
Buffet Gala ticket - 150 Euro
Dancehall ticket - 40 Euro
To the proud owners of kilts - 20% discount and special honour!
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