St. Andrew's
Scottish Ball
Scottish ball like you have never seen before!
4th of December 2021 | Saturday
7.00 p.m. - 1.00 a.m.
Palais Niederösterreich
Herrengasse 13, 1010 Vienna
This year our team is going to explore the magical and unique Scottish culture.
Over the centuries Scotland remained faithful to its traditions, keeping its dancing culture uninterrupted, which makes this part of the world a treasure in European history.
Taking its roots from the days of the ancient Celtic kings and the rule of the clan system, Scotland's culture is not frozen in time. It is a living and ever-changing phenomenon that forms a core of a Caledonian nation.
We are honored to invite you to the St. Andrew's Scottish Ball, where we have collected the most Scottish cultural treasures:
- Vienna Pipes and Drums,
- Ceilidh Band "ALASTAIR KAPELLA",
- national music and songs,
- practicing and teaching of the Scottish dances,
- whisky and many more suprises and presents.
Do not forget the Scottish nation-wide genetic love for fun, extravaganza and dazzle!
4TH OF DECEMBER 2021 | SATURDAY | 7.00 p.m.
Palais Niederösterreich
Herrengasse 13, 1010 Vienna
St. Andrew's
Scottish Ball
The programme is created suitable for every taste.

7.00 p.m.
Guests are welcome

We compliment our guests with a welcome drink.

7.30 p.m.
Grand opening

The ball starts with the participation of an incredible Vienna Pipes and Drums. Pipes tunes will pull you to the magical circle of Caledonian spirit.
The grand opening reel will be presented with a dancing team. The Scottish dance programme of the ball will be accompanied by live music of the ceilidh band "ALASTAIR KAPELLA".
Most of the guests are learning the art of Scottish dancing right on the dance floor with a dancing master and show group.

8.00 p.m. - 9.00 p.m. Gala Dinner and Buffet

Gala Dinner - a festive 4-course-menu will be served.
Buffet - standing and plentiful appetizers/dessert buffet.

9.00 p.m.
Scottish ceilidh dancing

We will have the Special Scottish Lottery, so you can get some breathing before the next round.
You will have an opportunity to observe lottery items and purchase lottery tickets in the lobby.
Lottery tickets cost 2 euro each.

Please, expect some surprises during the programme!

11.00 p.m. Vienna Pipes and Drums will announce the end of the Scottish dances

11.15 p.m. Disco starts with DJ Dmitriy Angelow

All bars are open, tea and coffee and deserts served to boost stamina for more dancing.

1.00 a.m. Doors are closed. The End!
The essence of Scottish culture through dance
Time to try the essence of Scottish culture through dance.

It is not easy to learn the basics of classical ballroom dancing but it is even harder to find a partner to attend the ball with. In Scottish dancing, you just need to go to the centre of the hall, and you can change partners every dance!
A group of professional dancers show the dance. Further, one member of the group leads those who wish to join the dance. The ball host explains every part of it until everybody seems to understand. Each dance lasts from 5 to 10 minutes. The dance moves are not that difficult, they just need to be repeatedly practised!
We recommend to follow Robbie Shepherd to find a step-by-step guide.
Dress code
The ideal option for the St. Andrew's Scottish Ball is a national Scottish kilt suit, full set. If you do not have a kilt, a good choice is a regular suit or ball gown. Checkered patterns are welcome on kilts, skirts, trousers, and anything else you are comfortable dancing in. You can visit our partner's Dress2Impress shop to rent or buy the dress of your choice.
Hair and Make-up
For a unique look for the St. Andrew's Scottish Ball, you can take advantage of our partner ARTISTE Make-up & Beauty Studio.
Where & When
4th of December 2021 | Saturday | 7.00 p.m. - 1.00 a.m.
St. Andrews Scottish ball will take place in one of the most city historical buildings - Palais Niederösterreich! Its hall is high enough to hear the full voice of highland pipe!
Palais Niederösterreich
Herrengasse 13, 1010 Vienna
A Palace stepped in history
Palais Niederösterreich's history has significance on a political and on a social level and its presence can be felt in the premises to this day. The beginnings date back to the late Middle Ages.

As the political representative of lords, knights, prelates, and cities, the estates general acquired the villa in order to be in the immediate vicinity of the sovereign and to hold meetings in Vienna. Valuable features of this late Gothic villa, such as its chapel and the Gotische Zimmer – Gothic Room, are still intact.

16th century
The Renaissance-style Landtagssaal – Parliament Hall – was built and vaulted in the middle of the 16th century.

The Landtagssaal was furnished during the Baroque period with magnificent scagliola on the walls and Antonio Beduzzi's impressive ceiling fresco, which symbolises glory and honour and is the largest continuous ceiling mural in Austria. Besides being a place where political matters were dealt with, the Landtagssaal was also a popular venue for balls and concerts with many major world premieres being held there in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The Provincial Parliament of Lower Austria took over the villa from the estates general after the people's representation came to an end in 1848, the year of the revolution.

21st October 1918
Citing the right of self-determination of the people, German-speaking parliamentary members of the Upper House formed the 'Provisional National Assembly of the Independent Austro-German State' in the villa.

The representatives of the people of Vienna and Lower Austria used the villa jointly until 1921. The villa has belonged to the Lower Austrian provincial government since Vienna gained independence on 1st January 1922.

The Provincial Parliament of Lower Austria relocates to the new provincial capital, St. Pölten.

The renovation was carried out in accordance with the regulations for listed buildings and Palais Niederösterreich has since been used in its present form as a centre for events.

Remnants of the foundations of a medieval building – presumably the 'House of Liechtenstein' – were found in the courtyard during the conversion and restoration work between 2002 and 2004. Alongside a wide variety of glass and ceramic vessels, simple and fine tableware were also found.

4th of December 2021
St. Andrew's Scottish Ball.
VIP Table/Gala Dinner is an entrance ticket that allows you to enjoy a unique atmosphere of the Landtagsaal, and a perfect view to the bands, performers and dancers. Surely the best view of all performances while sitting comfortably. A festive 4-course-menu will be served. Wine, mineral water, juices and coffee will be served during the dinner.
10 lottery tickets are included in the price. Dancing shoes will be provided for ladies.
You can purchase tickets individually, or book an entire table for your company.
We can extend tables for a big company upon request.
Price: 300 Euro

Buffet Ticket
is an entrance ticket that allows you to enjoy standing, delicious, and plentiful appetizers/dessert buffet. Drinks will be available optionally in the bar for an additional price.
Price: 150 Euro

Dance Ticket
is for entrance, dance and for a lot of fun. Dance tickets will be valid from 8.30 p.m.
Price: 35 Euro
We can offer the following discounts for the WIPARK Freyung:
Parking from 5 p.m. till 8 a.m. / 6,90 Euro
Parking 24 hours / 27,00 Euro
You need to go to the security guard at the Palace entrance and you will be given a discounted parking ticket.
The 2G rule applies in the Palace. This means that visitors must be vaccinated, recovered or one time vaccinated plus valid PCR test.
Here you will find the current Corona Rules of the City of Vienna.
If the event is cancelled, the money for the tickets purchased will be refunded fully.
All necessary measures to sanitize all premises against COVID-19 will be taken before, during and after the event.
Your tickets will be personalised at the time of purchase. This means that the names of the people who will attend the performance will be printed on the tickets. Furthermore, the telephone number of each visitor will be collected. Personalisation is required by the authorities in order to quickly trace chains of contact in the event of a possible COVID-19 infection. Please note that tickets will be checked to make sure they belong to the holder of the ticket upon entering the building. Please therefore bring an official photo ID to the St. Andrew's Scottish Ball.

If you give the tickets to someone else as a gift, you must provide the names of the persons receiving the gift or the actual owner at the time of purchase. The contact details incl. telephone number or email (if available) will be recorded in our ticket system and the name printed on the ticket.

All data will be deleted 28 days after the event.
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